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Grin Natural

Graphic Design Support | Product Design | Print Management 

Grin Natural is an iconic oral health brand, founded in New Zealand. The business has a focus on natural ingredients and sustainable oral hygiene products that look after family health. 


We have worked with Grin Natural for many years, helping to extrapolate their brand over new mediums and into new markets. 


When we met the team at Grin, their branding was already in place but they wanted a design solution that could take their existing branding and use it for new projects and improvements on existing products. 

One of the main challenges they faced was how to quickly take small packaging changes to market. We pride ourselves on our ability to turn out quality work on tight deadlines, which has allowed Grin to update packaging with very little notice. 


Promotional campaigns such as “Share a Grin” are one of the ways that Grin Natural separates themselves in a crowded marketplace by showing their commitment to social good. We were able to come up with eye-catching in-store signage that plays on the theme of the existing Grin brand, while giving the campaign its own look and feel. 


Promotional signage and stands, concept packaging, postcards and digital advertising have all been part of our journey with Grin, and we are proud to partner with a business that is doing ethical work and improving the health of families. 

Photo Credits: Grin Natural

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