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MPK Music Public Kingdom is an innovative record label that was founded in Shenzhen, China. We're thrilled to announce that MPK has recently launched its very first physical location, which serves as a record store, performance venue, and the label's headquarters. Drawing inspiration from the captivating era of 70s' glam rock, our team at LAMB Creative had the privilege of collaborating with MPK to create a truly remarkable and distinct brand identity. By incorporating elements of fashion and the iconic musical subgenre, we successfully crafted the timeless and iconic staple, the letter M, in a way that is both simple and impactful. 

MPK Music Public Kingdom

Visual Identity | Branding

A trademark design is an essential representation of a company's name, as well as its brands, products, and services. It is crucial for a company's trademark design to meet the unique standards set by the country. It should not be too generic, nor should it resemble a trademark that has already been applied for or registered by another company. If your company's design closely resembles another company's design, the trademark office will reject your trademark application. 

Here at LAMB Creative, we are proud to offer our expertise in navigating the intricate process of trademark design and registration. Just like we successfully assisted MPK and numerous other clients, both locally and internationally, we can guide you through this complex journey and ensure that your trademark design is truly one-of-a-kind.

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