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Monday - Friday  9.00 am - 6.00 pm

 By Appointment only. 

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Perfect Nails Studio

Branding & Graphic Design

Leading local nail salon Perfect Nails has a reputation for skill and on-trend style, but outdated branding was holding the business back. 


When new owners took over in 2022, they decided to align the brand with its fashion-forward services in order to attract and retain new clients. Nail art is one of the fastest-growing services in beauty, and capitalising on a solid market with contemporary branding was an obvious decision.


Taking inspiration from the concept of feminine energy and the power of women, the colour scheme immediately brings Perfect Nails into the modern era. The selection of pink and coral red was selected to show strength and softness, a balance which forms the backdrop for contemporary fonts and a compelling logomark.

The font package, used across the logo and other collateral, is stylish and easy-to-read at a glance. Using a serif font for the logo and a sans serif option for the body text gives a fresh feel and allows the wording to breathe. 


A logomark which immediately communicates the service offering was a priority for Perfect Nails. The final selection - a delicate hand with finely-done nails and small star-burst accents - is a nod to the salon-fresh feeling of a beautiful manicure. 


Perfect Nails now boasts branding reflective of the style and skill they offer.

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